Membership is a noun used to describe the people who together
make up a group or organization. 
We invite you to join ours.


Your membership opens up a world of opportunity for growth; for yourself, your business, and your team. 


CMC Workforce membership will help you reach your business and workforce goals. 


We are an Open Shop Construction focused training organization working to build a fair, safe, inclusive, and equitable workforce within New York City. 


We do this two ways:

  1. With our Career Pathway training: Which is an employer and industry-focused training program, our trainees are trained based on long term industry needs in partnership with our members, like you.

  2. Business Development: This means that you not only get access to experts in their field, but you also have the opportunity to grow your business on many levels, in the field, office, online, and boardrooms. 


This long term commitment for both the worker and employer facilitates the strategic development of skill building over the course of years, not weeks. We utilize on the job training (employment), classroom (theoretical) training, and workshop (practical) training. 


The ability to employ workers over the course of years is dependant on the development of the business, strong back end processes and procedures, safety protocols and a host of other parts and pieces. 

We continue to gain support and strength for a new phase of construction in our city that cuts across political agendas and simultaneously serves to advance the needs of a wide range of workers and business owners.

To this end, our Business Development team helps member companies build healthy, organized, and strategic business practices. 


Inclusive in our organizational goals is the development and advancement of all our members.




  1. Back Office

  2. Insurance Audit

  3. Legal Review

  4. Accounting/CPA Review

  5. WMBE Certification

  6. Human Resource Development

  7. Safety Review & Policy Development



  1. Prevailing Wage Development*

    1. Third-Party Administrator

    2. NYS DoL Approved Apprenticeship Program Development

    3. Training

Business Development

  1. Strategic Development

  2. Pre-Award

    1. Communications/Marketing Development

    2. Networking

    3. Estimating

  3. Post Award​​

    1. Operations​

    2. Accounting

    3. Software


  1. Software

    1. Pre-Award​

    2. Post-Award

  2. Blockchain​

  3. Iot (Internet of Things)

    1. Tools​

    2. Safety

  4. Robotics​


  1. Networking Events

  2. Educational Classes & Workshops

  3. Industry Presentations

  4. Annual Events

    1. Gala

    2. Golf


  1. Safety Training*

    1. SST Training

    2. DoB Certification Training

  2. Labor Training

    1. ICT​

    2. Labor 1

    3. Labor 2

  3. Trades Training*

    1. NCCER Related Instruction 

    2. DoL Approved 

  4. Leadership Training & Contractor Specific Training*

  5. Curriculum Development

    1. Trade-based