New York City Construction Job-site Re-mobilization: Assorted Policies and Procedures

Before we jump into the job site remobilization policy and procedures we've outlined below, it may help to review the following information so you have a wider lens to see how New York City fits into the Re-Opening of the State and Country.

No one has a crystal ball but the governor has on occasion, stated that it took 10 months for the Spanish Flu to run its course. Expecting this to be our new normal is realistic.

As our job sites open back up, realistic expectation about what is going to be permitted on each job site needs to be taken into consideration.

Preparation is key and making sure your men and women are ready to protect themselves and each other is paramount.

If you are a sub-contractor that has been asked to come back onsite, please expect to create a Job Specific Safety Plan, regardless of whether your GC/CM requires one or not. You should also expect to modify all JHA's and pre-task plans to make sure they comply with new working guidelines below.

If you need help PLEASE reach out to us. This is what we are here for.

This page will continue to evolve as more information is released. Please check back for updates. Last updated 6/08/20.


Good Info from outside our area

Statewide Guidance:

From around the state

NYC Guidance:

COVID-19 Citywide Information Portal



Self Report Symptoms

NYC Testing Sites for COVID-19

NYC Department of Health Reopening New York City: Frequently Asked Questions What the Construction Industry Need to Know

The City Bar Justice Center’s Neighborhood Entrepreneur Law Project (NELP) launched an initiative offering free remote legal consultations to help small businesses navigate challenges resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic. Click here to learn more.

Dept of Buildings & Dept of Environmental Protection

  • NYC DoB: Press Release: Phase One Reopening: Safely Restarting Construction Activity in NYC: DOB will inspect every worksite across the city for social distancing compliance, proper hygiene, and to make sure construction safety requirements are met

  • NYC DoB: NYC Health Department: Reopening New York City: Frequently Asked Questions What the Constructions Businesses Need to Know” as of June 07, 2020

  • NYC DoB: Requirement: License Renewal Applications to be submitted online as of Friday, May 8, 2020

  • NYC DEP: SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS: Private Drains/Private Sewers, Private Water Mains, Drainage Proposals, Contract Plans and Hydraulic Analysis

  • NYC DEP: SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS: Sewer/Water Applications

  • NYC DEP: Drainage Proposals & Plans

  • NYC DoB: SERVICE NOTICE: Online License Renewal Applications

  • NYC DEP: DEP is granting extensions on all Backflow Prevention Device(s) annual testing to June 30, 2020

  • NYC DoB: Social Distancing Guidelines (AGC)

  • NYC DoB: BUILDINGS BULLETIN 2020-006: Suspended work, interrupted work, COVID-19, New York State Gubernatorial Emergency Order 202.6, New York City Mayoral Emergency Order 103, securing construction or demolition site, site maintenance

  • NYC DoB: SERVICE NOTICE: Permit renewal extension

  • NYC DoB: SERVICE NOTICE: Crane Filings Launch in DOB NOW: Build, Updated Essential Construction Questionnaire for Electrical and Limited Alteration Applications and Certificates of Correction Mail Submission Deadline

  • NYC DoB: SERVICE NOTICE: Certificate of Occupancy, Letter of Completion, and Temporary Certificate of Occupancy Folder Review Requests (PW7) Required to be Submitted in eFiling; Hub Self-Service Reopened for Submission of PW1 Plan/Work Applications

  • NYC DoB: Service Notice Enhancements to Post Approval Amendment and Correction Submissions in eFiling and Essential Construction Requests Update for Electrical and Limited Alteration Applications Permits and Demolition Filings

  • NYC DoB: Service Notice Benchmarking Guidance for May 1, 2020 Deadline and Issuance and Payment of Department of Buildings Violations for Non-Compliance

  • NYC DoB: Service Notice Guidelines for Suspension of Work on Non-essential Construction and Demolition Sites Including Professional Certification Categories and new Certificate of Authorization Requirement

  • NYC DoB: Service Notice License Renewal Extension and Essential Construction Requests Update

  • NYC DoB: Operational Building Bulletin 2020-004 how to secure construction and demolition sites when operations are suspended due to the ongoing COVID-19

  • NYC DoB: Essential Jobsite Map


Assorted Policies and Procedures

Prep your Crews & Site

  1. Site-Specific Workplan: Coordinated breaktimes, New Safety Orientation Protocols, Daily Toolbox Talks, Signage (see #4), Muster point, Site Access w/screening protocols, staggered working hours, cleaning Protocol including the hoise and stairwells (see #5), field office protocol, meetings (foreman, pm, supers), reporting requirements from all subs

  2. Site-Specific Safety Plan: daily stand-downs, COVID daily reporting (see Ongoing Work #2), designated responsible party of daily reporting, screening questionnaire, temperature screening plan, cleaning and decontamination plan, social distancing guidelines & signage (see #4), handwashing stations, additional PPE and personal hygiene requirements (all of these subjects make excellent toolbox talks for your daily stand downs), and reporting guidelines for onsite positive testing.

  3. Site Logistics Plan: with gate access, handwashing station and toilet locations with required cleaning information.

  4. Signage Plan (AGC): Safety Plan in Effect, Social Distancing Reminder, Handwashing Reminder, Face covering Reminder, Stop the Spread of Germs Poster (CDC)

  5. Review of Sub and tier Subs pre-task plans and JHA's to ensure the work operations are in compliance with your Site Specific Workplan

  6. OSHA ALERT: COVID-19 Guidance for the Construction Workforce

  7. NYC Gov Basic Daily Guidelines

  8. Essential Workers: Employee Letter

  9. DoB Social Distancing Guidelines (AGC)

  10. Infectious Disease Prevention and Response

Ongoing Work

  1. Daily stand-down toolbox talks, using any and all of the information on this page

  2. Daily Reports vary widely from a 5-page Daily Inspection plan to a simple checklist (MTA)

  3. OSHA recordkeeping requirements

  4. Employees carry disinfectant wipes

  5. Daily employee health questionnaire

  6. One person is assigned to all day cleaning and disinfecting

  7. Utilizing handwashing stations and posting instructions of proper handwashing and hand sanitizer

  8. Mandating lunch and breaks be spent at a distance

  9. Mandating full-time N95 Face Mask and gloves

  10. Review DoB Social Distancing Guidelines provided by our friends at AGC

Confirmed COVID-19 Case Onsite

  1. If an employee tests positive for COVID-19

  2. Mandated shut down procedures

  3. Have the entire Jobsite sterilized per guidance from NYS DoH

  4. Re-evaluate worker per CDC's Guidelines

  5. What to do if you are sick

  6. Project Response Investigation

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