Create a Culture Of Motivation Action Item: Worksheet

In an industry that depends on a seamless journey of trades from project beginning to project end, having workers with a drive to accomplish tasks and hit goals is critical. Many believe that motivation is something someone has or doesn’t.

This is partly true.

When a person is genuinely interested in the work, motivation shows up with the person. If a person is not genuinely interested in the work, finding motivation can be challenging, but not impossible.

A leader’s job is not to instill motivation where it doesn’t exist, rather it is to shape a culture that sustains those already motivated and engages those who appear not to be.

Use this worksheet, designed and created by Karen, to help create a culture of Motivation within your own organization.

Worksheet Motivation
PDF • 74KB

I'm Karen Palmer and I am a Talent Development Consultant focused on human dynamics in the workplace.  I specialize in developing leaders and optimizing team dynamics. With research proven assessments and reports, I create opportunities for improvement through self-awareness, understanding of others and intentional interaction. 

With over 30 years in learning and development, I am dedicated to helping individuals and teams tap into their potential, fostering cultures of fulfillment and purpose. My style is interactive and hands on.  I provide tools and a framework that invite self-reflection and critical thinking in a positive, non-judgmental space. If you are interested in improving your employees’ performance through strong leadership and cohesive teams, please contact me and let’s talk.

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