Communication Action Item: Worksheet


Gaining knowledge is always a good step to better business. Gaining the knowledge however is only the first step. Now it is the time not only for reflection on your newly gained or freshly renewed knowledge, now is the time for introspection. How many of the concepts set forth herein currently exist in your company? How can your models be tweaked? What needs to be created? You have invested your time in reading this article and consuming the communication. Now invest your time in taking action so you can

Conceive, Believe Achieve all that you dreamed.

Below is a worksheet to help you move through the next steps of Communications Development. Reach out if you have any questions or if you would like to have a conversation about how I can help you Conceive, Believe and Achieve.


Communications Worksheet
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Jeff Schwartz

Jeff Schwartz after receiving his BA in Communications from SUNY, received his JD in San Diego, CA. After a successful legal career on both coasts spanning over 30 years, he established CBA, Conceive Believe Achieve, a business consulting company with an emphasis on Operations. He is also an experienced author and speaker.

Jeff has started and sold five companies of his own, and has consulted with over 300 businesses. His knowledge is industry agnostic covering business large and small, public and private, products and services, as well as construction. He has held positions of leadership in political and non- profit organizations. Through CBA, he has also served as the President and COO of diverse businesses.

Jeff’s current clients are businesses that are experiencing challenges in operations or transitions. This includes multigenerational business and mergers/acquisitions. Once he is retained, he continues to work with the business owners and managers as long as necessary so that they too can Conceive Believe Achieve.

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