Building Women: NaTesha Gregg

Hi! My name is NaTesha Gregg. I am a 26-year-old construction worker who’s currently employed by Consigli.

With the guidance, training, and support from CMC Workforce and Executive Director, Vivian Mandala, my new goals are being developed and accomplished. Previously I wanted to be a Counselor, obtaining my bachelor’s degree in Psychology and I still may. One of the things I have learned is that as we progress through training and my career, new options open.

After attending CMC Workforce’s info session; Vivian asked everyone “What is your anticipated goal participating in CMC Workforce?” I explained that “ I had absolutely no experience in construction but would like to build my own business from the ground up and with my bare hands.”

Vivian helped me create a goal/plan chart to help me get started. I knew that I have to work hard and learn with purpose.

I got my official start in construction with a labor company. The company welcomed me with open arms and taught me a lot about laborer work, proper construction terminology, usage of machinery/power tools etc.

In less than six months my reliability, work ethic and positive attitude created the opportunity to move Consigli. My goal is to continue working hard, learning more, improving my skills, and learning how to be a leader. I know the only limits are the ones I place on myself.

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