CMC Workforce Success Story: Felix

The success of CMC Workforce happens one relationship at a time.

Relationships between students, CMC and the employee partner create a cycle of success that benefit all involved.

Success can be (and is) defined differently for each, but in the end all participants benefit from the dedication, hard work and commitment that they each put into the endeavor.

Which brings me to Felix, our very first trainee.

Felix came to CMC Workforce because he wanted a better life.

His life on the street was going nowhere and he made the decision to make a change.

Making the decision to do the work, stick with it and accept education, despite setbacks and discouragement, are what it takes for a student to be successful in our program.

Felix embodies these attributes.

His hard work in the classroom, on the job site and in his new position are what made his success possible. He came at this opportunity with the positive attitude and commitment to do the work that it takes, to make his own life better.

Felix learned a lot from the classes CMC Workforce provides, from workplace safety, plan reading, construction math and everything in between. He found all of it applied directly to his present job in construction and he was surprised at how relevant the classes were.

The lessons on workplace safety have been most relevant and he has avoided any workplace injuries, which he attributes to those classes.

“It’s always good to try something new. It is very fun and interesting, understanding construction. I want people to know that my life has benefited from CMC Workforce. One year later, I have a job, my own place and everything I need.”

He accomplished that by sticking with class, often showing up right after work to do the extra work around math, asking questions and never giving up.

We are incredibly proud of the work that Felix has completed, but more excited because we know he will continue to thrive. His next step?

Skilled Labor Apprenticeship Training with an Employee Partner with upward mobility, benefits and an opportunity to learn a skilled trade and further his training.

Who knows, with the hard work and dedication to developing himself that he's already shown, he may decide to learn to be a Foremen, Site Super or Project Manager. Only he can decide.

If you would like to learn more about joining us at CMC, whether it's to teach, donate or volunteer, please contact us. We welcome community engagement.

If you would like to learn more about our apprenticeship Training by attending an upcoming Info Session, check out this landing page and signup.

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