OSHA Training is NOT Construction Training

One of my biggest frustrations, since starting CMC Workforce, has been the misunderstanding about what OSHA Training is and what it is not.

OSHA Training is NOT:

  • Construction Training: It will not teach you how to build a building

  • Pre-Apprenticeship Training: It will not teach you the fundamentals of construction; like Math and Plan Reading

  • Apprenticeship Training: It will not teach you the basics of a trade, how to become skilled in that trade and build up the expertise to become a Master in your trade.

OSHA Training is:

  • Safety Training: It will teach you how to be safe while building a building

  • Period. Nothing more to add.

It’s a piece of the puzzle, it’s not the whole puzzle.

Is it necessary for Construction Training?

Yes. Absolutely.

I stand behind our OSHA training all day, every day - but it’s only a small portion of one piece of the training we provide.

Because of this, it’s embedded into our ICT (Initial Construction Training) Program, it’s reinforced during our ATP (Advanced Training Program) Classes and then throughout our Skilled Training program.

All of our trainees must go through both trainings before starting their Skilled Training in their chosen Trade.

Safety is important, one of the most important things to learn when you first start, but it’s the beginning of training, never the end.

Treating it like it’s something that it’s not does the OSHA program a disservice and gives a false sense of accomplishment and entitlement for something that should be routine.

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