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A few months ago, I had the pleasure of meeting the Chair of The Haitian American Caucus (HAC-US), Sam Pierre, through the work he does developing WMBE's in his firm SMP Global Consultants, which is a certified Minority Business Enterprise management consulting firm servicing the comprehensive needs of all clients in both the public and private sectors, providing Strategic Planning, Risk Management, and Relationship Management Consulting.

Our interest in the development and promotion of WMBE's in construction is obvious and we spent a few phone calls talking about Worker Cooperatives, WMBE certification, city construction contracts and the like.

What wasn't so obvious was the other work that Sam takes part in throughout Brooklyn through HAC.

Haitian American Caucus is a grassroots movement of leading young Haitian professionals whose mission is to provide the Haitian Diaspora in New York City with access to information and resources that will foster self-development and success.

Advocacy and services are at the core of all of their initiatives. Their goal is to improve the reputation and visibility of Haitian Americans by breaking barriers they face in America and are dedicated to educating the Haitian community, providing them with essential tools to ensure success in their personal and professional lives. ( I took this from their website)

To this end they are hosting a discussion regarding Domestic Violence at The Bridge MCP, which I am shameless promoting for them because it's an excellent topic that needs to be discussed more often.

Check out Eventbrite to register.

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