Abdur Rahman, Safiy.jpeg
Safiy Abdur-Rahman, Governance Board Member
Joined 2019

Safiy serves as ROM Groups Chief Operating Officer providing expertise on behalf of ROM Groups organizational and operational needs bringing continued value and impacting every project we undertake. 

Practicing in the design and construction sectors as a Sr. Technical Architect, Sr. Project Manager, Building Information Model (BIM) manager and technology integrator for over 17 years. Bringing technology to bear on project controls, cost, schedule, and managing risk in order to remain on time and on budget. 

Terline, Sam.jpeg
Samantha Terline, Governance Board Member
Joined 2019

Samantha entered the construction arena when she was asked to join the family

Construction Staffing firm to help repair operational inefficiencies with a focus on the

ever-changing worlds of insurance and compliance. In only a few years, she was able to give the firm’s insurance structure a complete overhaul and create a safety culture within the organization. This has become the driving force for the current operation’s countless safety protocols, upgrades in PPE, product inventory systems, and creating a safety-conscious workforce that allowed the firm to grow to what it is today.

Robertson, Powerful.jpeg
Ron Powerful Robertson, Governance Board Member
Joined 2019

Ron was born and raised in the Ocean Hill-Brownsville section of Brooklyn, NY. He is the proud founder and Executive Director of Brownsville Think Tank Matters Inc., a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization located in the Brownsville section of Brooklyn.

Brownsville Think Tank Matters Inc. is a community service, resident empowerment, and violence prevention organization. Its mission is to build communities, by helping communities maximize their resources, empower their residents, revitalize their images, and enhance public safety.

In addition to the work Powerful does for his organization, he is also a Director of the New York City Crisis Management System (CMS) at Brownsville Think Tank Matters Inc., which is housed within the Mayor’s Office of Criminal Justice (MOCJ), the backbone of citywide efforts to work with New Yorkers as partners in reducing gun violence, in conjunction with the Mayor’s Office to Prevent Gun Violence (OPGV).

Schimelfenig, Kerry.jpeg
Kerry Schimelfenig, Member
Joined 2019

Authorized OSHA Outreach Trainer, Certified Personnel Protective Equipment Expert, NYC DOB SST, CSM, QSSP, NFPA-70E


Finance:: Responsible for financial over site. Tasks include:

  • Creating budget, and oversee finances and reimbursements processes

  • Serve as point person in matters related to budget and finance

  • Work with Development and Fundraising committee to analyze budget and fundraising needs

  • Work with Accounting

Marketing / Communications:: Responsible for designing and implementing communicating with Employee Partners, Members, Trainees and CBO's about upcoming events and initiatives. Tasks include:

  • Manage communications through newsletters, e-blasts, social media networks

  • Lead marketing for programs or events

Board Development:: Responsible for board development and recruitment and monitors board's composition and performance. Tasks include:

  • New Board Member on-boarding

  • Board succession planning


CMC Workforce is a workforce development organization governed by a 8 to 12 board that oversees the organization.


Board members include individuals from the NYC Community Based Organizations, Construction Leaders, Community Leaders and Stakeholders, Trainees, as well as our Executive Director.


Led by a Chair, the board has the overall fiscal and oversight responsibility for CMC Workforce.


  • Be an ambassador for CMC Workforce: align ethically and be able to share our mission, vision, and values.

  • Attend at least two CMC Workforce events per quarter, as well as quarterly Board Meetings. 

  • Be active: participate in preparation and approval of organizational policies, annual budgeting process and be a contributing, working member of at least one committee (Training Programs, Marketing/Communications, Board Development, Membership/Employee Partners, or Finance)

  • Be present: attend monthly committee meetings, planning retreats, and as needed committee meetings/calls and maintain open, respectful, prompt, and clear communication with other Board Members.

  • Be committed: agree to a 1-year board term with the option of renewal in one-year increments, not to exceed four terms total

  • Be accountable: perform an annual self-evaluation of your service on the board


  • Interest in Workforce Development and NYC Construction

  • Alignment with CMC Workforce's goals and objectives

  • Shared values: Initiative, integrity, analytical ability, awareness, and community building. 

  • Leadership experience, including the ability to implement

  • Planning skills, including the ability to organize and monitor work, able to make changes, as needed

  • Experience in the nonprofit sector, preferably on a board of directors or in another leadership position

  • Able to commit approximately 5­ to 20 hours per month to CMC Workforce

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