Train and empower a sustainable construction skilled workforce
WMBE Contractor
capacity building 

CMC’s career pathway creates a clear road for nontraditional and economically disadvantaged individuals to enter and advance in the construction industry through workshop skill-building, classroom training, and long term employment.

While we welcome all motivated applicants, what makes CMC unique is our focus on providing apprenticeship training for individuals re-enter society, including:

  • Homeless persons

  • Previously incarcerated persons

  • Nontraditional learners

  • Veterans

Training modules systematically move trainees from labor into the skilled trade of their choice. 

We are building a community based on: 

  • Safety

  • Professionalism

  • Integrity

  • Mentorship

To learn more contact Vivian.

Our Members include

  • GC's & CM's

  • Sub Contractors (Electrical, Plumbing, HVAC/Mechanical, Labor, etc)

  • Associates (Lawyers, CPA's, Bookkeepers, Insurance Brokers, Consultants)

We have been tasked to build a membership of like-minded, progressive Contractors and help them scale.

We do this four ways: 

  • Business Development and Training

  • Networking

  • Bidding Opportunities 

  • Technical Assistance

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To see a list of Members, click here.

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