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Our mission is to create career pathways through the construction industry into the middle class, from Laborer to Skilled Trades to Foreman and further.

CMC’s career pathway creates a clear road for non traditional and economically disadvantaged individuals to enter and advance in the construction industry.


Our  unique Pre-Apprenticeship, Apprenticeship and Placement Programs focus on jobs in the non-union sector of the construction industry.

Unlike many training programs, our students exhibit grit, determination and an unwavering drive to better themselves and their situation. We screen for individuals who are willing and able to dig deep and exhibit a high level of ownership for their life and outcomes. Our only job is to show them the way and provide resources.

While we welcome all qualified applicants seeking to be trained for jobs in construction, what makes CMC unique is that we focus on providing Apprenticeship Training for people to re-enter society, including:

  • Homeless persons

  • Previously incarcerated persons

  • Non traditional learners

  • Veterans

Training modules move trainees from labor to skilled labor to site supervisor, then foreman and PM training.

Our focus continues to be building a community based on: 

  • Safety

  • Professionalism

  • Integrity

  • Community